My Vision, My Art

I've finally decided to put together a small portion of my artwork and created a book that everyone can own.  I am extremely happy with the way the book came out and hope that you enjoy it as well.  Below is the link to purchase the hardcover book through  You can also purchase this book as an ebook for your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or tablet!

Breaking The Link - Video

Chicago based photographer and graphic artist, Charles Loggins III, has been creating art since he was a child. He uses photography and Photoshop to create surrealist and graphic images. His latest series labeled Breaking The Link deals with a range of subjects all of which most people have become slaves to. He uses the symbolism of birds in each image to portray an idea of freedom from that which can enslave us. The idea that nothing can hold us down and that we can become free from anything resonate with each image within this video which uses the 2.5D parallax technique to bring his photographic images alive!

My Acting Reel

You may not know this but I am also an actor as well as a photo artist.  I am not as established as I would like to be but I do get enjoyment from doing a theatre show or video project from time to time.  I haven't performed in a while due to my concentration on my photography but as soon as the opportunity is made available I will be right back at it in full force!!  Please enjoy this acting reel that I put together some years ago.

Promotion Video for Logan Images

I created a video ad for the other aspect of my photography which is more commercial based and is geared more towards family portraits, events, and headshots.  I offer this service as a secondary focus for what I use my photography skills for but still find much joy in doing this work!  Please view the video and visit the website listed above for more information!  Thank you!