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The Artist

Charles Loggins III is a Chicagoland painter as well as a photographer/digital artist.  He also finds time to perform theater as well if the opportunity presents itself.  The focus of this website is of course to sale art, but its primary function is to showcase his artwork in the hopes that visitors are able to understand who the artist is.  His work and style is never the same as he continues to experiment and grow, however the use of bold primary/secondary colors is a point of emphasis for most of his paintings.  A graduate in photographic studies from the College of DuPage as well as Columbia College Chicago where he obtained his bachelors, his photography and digital art deals more with surreal imagery and whimsical themes.  He's a jack of many trades (which include woodworking, cosplay designing, and carpentry) however, his proudest accomplishments is that as a father and a husband.  If you have any questions or inquiries for the artist then please click the link below!  Enjoy the art!

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